Today’s Topic : My Experiences and Mood

Howdy doody! I don’t really have that much to blog about; its just been a crazy few days and I’m TIRED…but I did upload a new layout over at JBP if you care to go take a peek…I was getting very sad and nostalgic for Season 4 of Buffy – that was when I first sat down to watch an episode and have been hooked ever since.

It was such a quirky and happy season, I think it will always be my favorite – plus the yummy Marc B. as Riley… la la~~! Ironically, I started watching that first Season of Angel at the same time, and was kind of lost on their history (until later that is) – but I was hooked on his show too! But, that does explain my different outlook on their history, etc…(bla bla bla)

Housekeeper comes tomorrow and man am I glad – I feel bad though because I didn’t get my house tidied up quite enough..yeah I know..don’t say it! I’ve got a housekeeper and I’m concerned with tidying up before she comes..well..I’m only talking about the major stuff so that she doesn’t have to go through an obstacle course in an effort to do her job! *g* I’ll write her a note though..

Ah crud, I had a thought and its escaped my brain – see? I’m TIRED! I’m going to bed – hope you all have a great night!

Happy Saturday…not much to really blog about. I had a nice ladies morning out with my friend Lisa and some of her work/church friends – very nice gals. We went over to Seaport Village (a touristy spot here in San Diego) which I’ve never been to in the 4+ years I’ve lived here..obviously I need to get off my ass more!

There were actually some very cute shops (esp. this one GREAT bookstore) that I’d like to visit again. It was good to see Lisa; we only manage to get together about once a month due to busy schedules, and she is a GEM! I was feeling very pretty in the outfit I splurged on yesterday at Wal-Mart (yep they fit, and were actually cute!), so it was all-good.

Deb’s out with some of her gal pals tonight so I’ve got the boys…but I’ve fed them and installed them upstairs to watch a movie, and I’ve got some candles burning down here, popcorn freshly popped (HATE air poppers..only use the oil/pan/stove method!), and I’m going to treat myself to a little Kevin..Kevin Costner that is! Yeah

I like him. Yeah – I think he can act. Yeah – you can kiss my ass if you disagree…LOL *g* (which lots of people do….so what?! I also love Keanu Reeves..wanna make something of it?) Ack – I’m feisty! Anyhoo..I’ve got those DVD’s I bought yesterday and methinks I’m gonna sit down and have a little ME time!

I did make a new SMG wallpaper (which is in the left column under my “I made this!”) if you wanna take a peek! I’m currently working on a Buffy/Riley “hush” wallpaper; it will probably get finished in the next couple of days..I just wasn’t in the mood to hang on the PC anymore! (shocker!)

You guys have a great and happy night…..take care now! ~cheers

How To Find The Best Quadcopter


Certainly one of the primary factors you should consider when buying a quadcopter more effective is its price. If you are a beginner, you will almost certainly reluctant to pay, so the quadcopter first, where the more experienced user can really feel comfortable paying a little extra.

However, spend a little more may be necessary for any quadcopter strong. Attract a lot of people that get caught up in spending time with very little on the quadcopter is that it must be constantly updated and get replacement components. Keep in mind, time is money, and when not flying due to a damaged propeller, which is income. Although the price point for quadcopter excellent in the neighborhood of $ 250, you need to determine what you take. Usually only $ 250 you will get on the frame along with the fans.

Will throw you on the cost of dealing with distance transmitter / receiver while the lithium-ion battery. Will these two things alone, bringing the total number in the range of $350. As a reference point, for a total of up quadcopter in the penalty area.

Flight control Navigation


As rookie, less complexity quadcopter flies better. There is absolutely no point in getting a prime number of a variety of products in case you do not know what to complete with them. First, choose the best set quadcopter that is easy to use, and the controls that can be easy to understand and use. A quadcopter is excellent for any beginner DJI Phantom. Phantom comes with a lot of hardware and features that make it simpler to control only a little, with no need to remove themselves from the fun.

Although the specter of not only the model with the lowest price in the market, and integrated GPS technology means that you always have a full management (and knowledge of his whereabouts) in quadcopter that can be understood very reassuring for rookie comprehensive. As your experience and self-confidence grows, it is possible to invest in them.

Ease of Assembly – Quadcopter

Additional critical point to consider is how easy it is usually best mounted on a Best Quadcopter. There is nothing worse than buying something and not be able to use it due to the fact that you can not figure out where all the bits and pieces you go! Again, as a beginner, you can choose to select a group that is almost fully assembled or have a very small number of trends that must be met.

Phantom DJI and the AR Drone is ideal because it is more or less all ready to travel directly from the box. As your knowledge grows, and you probably want to have a quadcopter that requires so much more involved in the group of dedicated, like a bee 500.



You will find other things to consider for several quadcopter as what plug-ins do so. You may want to get the best on behalf of the Phantom quadcopter DJI able to mount a camera and can be just as GOPRO camera or other light weight. Although many in the quadcopters there today come equipped with a camera installation, you need to determine what weight load can afford quadcopter.



Our recommendation, get DJI Phantom. DJI is a respected organization that has been around for many years. Anything else fully assembled, and it has built quadcopter built in GPS function to return to the Royal mode. These features make it worth worth the price. DJI Plus comes with a console radio and normal battery of RC, so the quadcopter is ready to fly right out of the box.

2 quadcopters other provided very good, and you can also get a good value for the price, but DJI Phantom should be among the main alternatives! Check-out the  wltoys v262 Review written by a Group of Experts in this field.