Today’s Topic : My Experiences and Mood

Howdy doody! I don’t really have that much to blog about; its just been a crazy few days and I’m TIRED…but I did upload a new layout over at JBP if you care to go take a peek…I was getting very sad and nostalgic for Season 4 of Buffy – that was when I first sat down to watch an episode and have been hooked ever since.

It was such a quirky and happy season, I think it will always be my favorite – plus the yummy Marc B. as Riley… la la~~! Ironically, I started watching that first Season of Angel at the same time, and was kind of lost on their history (until later that is) – but I was hooked on his show too! But, that does explain my different outlook on their history, etc…(bla bla bla)

Housekeeper comes tomorrow and man am I glad – I feel bad though because I didn’t get my house tidied up quite enough..yeah I know..don’t say it! I’ve got a housekeeper and I’m concerned with tidying up before she comes..well..I’m only talking about the major stuff so that she doesn’t have to go through an obstacle course in an effort to do her job! *g* I’ll write her a note though..

Ah crud, I had a thought and its escaped my brain – see? I’m TIRED! I’m going to bed – hope you all have a great night!

Happy Saturday…not much to really blog about. I had a nice ladies morning out with my friend Lisa and some of her work/church friends – very nice gals. We went over to Seaport Village (a touristy spot here in San Diego) which I’ve never been to in the 4+ years I’ve lived here..obviously I need to get off my ass more!

There were actually some very cute shops (esp. this one GREAT bookstore) that I’d like to visit again. It was good to see Lisa; we only manage to get together about once a month due to busy schedules, and she is a GEM! I was feeling very pretty in the outfit I splurged on yesterday at Wal-Mart (yep they fit, and were actually cute!), so it was all-good.

Deb’s out with some of her gal pals tonight so I’ve got the boys…but I’ve fed them and installed them upstairs to watch a movie, and I’ve got some candles burning down here, popcorn freshly popped (HATE air poppers..only use the oil/pan/stove method!), and I’m going to treat myself to a little Kevin..Kevin Costner that is! Yeah

I like him. Yeah – I think he can act. Yeah – you can kiss my ass if you disagree…LOL *g* (which lots of people do….so what?! I also love Keanu Reeves..wanna make something of it?) Ack – I’m feisty! Anyhoo..I’ve got those DVD’s I bought yesterday and methinks I’m gonna sit down and have a little ME time!

I did make a new SMG wallpaper (which is in the left column under my “I made this!”) if you wanna take a peek! I’m currently working on a Buffy/Riley “hush” wallpaper; it will probably get finished in the next couple of days..I just wasn’t in the mood to hang on the PC anymore! (shocker!)

You guys have a great and happy night…..take care now! ~cheers

Different Types of Fishing Reel Varieties Out There

Fishing reels have two classifications: the fixed spool reels as well as the conventional reels. Fixed spool reels are immobile.

Traditional & Conventional reels, however, function spools that revolve and are Frequently Used In Saltwater Fishing. These are further divided into 3 varieties: spinning, spincasting and baitcasting.

Baitcasting Reels

This is a modest and conventional type. It might very easily match into an angler’s although mounted on a fishing rod. This really is used primarily for a larger catch. Baitcasting reels are exceptional since of their sensitivity to movement by the fishing line’s end but they are inaccessible to ultralight lines sizes too as with “backlash” tangles.

Finding out how to use this strategy is really a bit hard. Folks who use this are mostly pros or very skilled currently.

Spinning Reels

Spinning reels are the most frequently employed as of late. It has a fixed spoon reel that has housing along its stationary spool parallel to the axis in the rod, spinning about it when the manage is turned.

When employing a spinning reel, a casting approach named “spinning” is produced. Nevertheless, because the spool is set and fixed, getting a backlash is one issue you will by no means encounter.

This sort is available from ultralight up to medium-heavy sizes. They are also less sensitive as when compared with Baitcasting reels. They are also bulky due to the fact of their big size, in addition to the bait and heavy lure attached to it.

Spin-casting Reels

This can be featured as a combination of stationary and conventional reels. Spincasting reels are angler friendly and are more advisable for beginners. Even children may possibly effortlessly use it due to the straightforward push-button mechanism. Hence it really is also alternatively named push-button reels.


It truly is the least sensitive amongst the three types. This really is as far as movement along the finish of the line is concerned. As a unfavorable feedback, you cannot fully control the fish and also the luring in the fish, resulting to poor Spin-casting.

How To Deal With Communication Issues in Relationship

Did you know that when things get tense in the relationship , it’s human nature to bring a third person did not know the calm ? When everything is beautiful in a marriage , and we are often content to keep the data only between us and our partners .How to get a man to propose but when the voltage goes up , we have a tendency to pull the first person available to listen to the evils of countless have .

Some , including a third party , such as a therapist can be a great source of the couple. But when a person in a marriage is based on constantly your friends and family to express your wife , these actions only increase the emotional distance between them and their partner. It becomes a matter of a couple of three parts , sometimes known as the triangle emotional , and it can become more and more difficult to bring ideas and concerns back to where it belongs , which is between a person and his wife .

Here may be tempted some of the most common to the ” triangle ” in romantic relationships . What is your third parties ” go to” ?

1 . His children - Children should never have to bear the brunt of the conflict in marriage, but are often the first person to become a husband complain when the husband or wife . When the father or mother of their children to be close to the secrets of their marriage , the other spouse feels abroad . This increases the amount of conflict or emotional distance in marriage , may create anxiety or behaviors ” acting out ” in the child , which is overwhelmed by the emotional intensity .

2. His best friend - The best friend you must know everything about your marriage , right? You may want to think again if you are constantly turning a close friend to vent about her husband’s emotional distance or irrational fears of his wife . Ie on the basis of friendship complaining others is not much of a friendship to begin with.

3 . And his parents - Television and movies often make jokes about the mother – being the third person in the marriage , and the defense is always your child when they have an argument with your spouse . But this is not a joke when this alliance prevents a fair and impartial communication happens . It is difficult for any member of his family to be objective about your spouse when you turn down the exchange of negative and positive at all.

4. His coworkers - Everyone knows that the person in the office that the pair is a constant source of comic relief in the break room . Enemy of your coworkers can be a quick way to bond with them , but address marital problems at work and not in a relationship will not only serve to increase the distance or conflict between you and your partner .

How to escape from these patterns ? The easiest way is to start paying attention to their habits and turn their ideas into one – on-one basis . If you have a problem with your partner , then send it to them . And every relationship in your life to take advantage of these practices on how to keep your man interested because the relationships are not built in blame or gossip or criticism of others is what stands the test of time . There is a friendship or romance depends on a third person complains only make you more anxious and more stressed as an individual.

Fortunately , not all the triangles are not healthy ! Registration wizard to help direct communication between the two of you can help you take your relationship to a level that is more open , honest and fair. And a third party to assist in setting a date to share with others , and how to share with each other reduces the temptation to take anyone and everyone in the family .